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I'd imagine only having one string on your guitar would warp the neck....

Why does everyone think that removing the strings immediately warps your neck? It's made of WOOD. HARDWOOD, no less. It won't instantaneously contort once the tension of the truss rod is out of balance.

Consider the fact that while guitars are being manufactured, they have no strings on them for a long time. Especially when waiting for paint to cure. That can take weeks.
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Not as good as Seasick Steve.

saw him on the jools holland show ages ago, might of even been new years either last year or the year before. He's pretty good
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Meh. 6 is more impressive.


Most of what he does can be learned within months of playing guitar. It's interesting, but I don't find it all that impressive.
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you are a BEAST Crovox
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I think I've gained so many gay points reading the past 3 pages of this thread that if I gave another man a blowjob I'd actually lose some.
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