1000 and under
USED 800-1000
Genres:Punk, Metal, Rock

Overview: The Dual Rectifiers smaller brother, if you want an amp that will cover it all Fender cleans, Marshall crunch, metal brootalz, then this is your amp my friend look no further.


2 Channels
5 Modes (Channel 1 : Clean/Pushed - Channel 2 : Raw/Vintage/Modern)
Independent gain, eq, volume, and reverb for both channels

Covers all the bases, I would say. The Clean channel, in the Clean mode, gives a very nice Fender-type sound, especially with its deep bottom end. It's not exactly a Fender tone, but a bit similar. Cranking the gain while in this mode, gives a nice distorted bluesy rhythm sound, where pick attack affects the amount of distortion. The Clean channel in the Pushed mode, cuts the treble and bass frequencies, and focuses the sound toward the midrange, while providing a much higher amount of gain. Next, channel 2 in the Raw mode, seems to provide a decent rock/blues rhythm sound, and here you can get enough sensativity to picking attack to pull off those blues bends prety well.
Channel 2 in the Vintage mode, reminds me of a Marshall kind of sound, where the tone and distortion are much warmer and singing. You can dial in anything from warm blues to 80's metal in this mode.
Lastly, is of course, channel 2's Modern mode. This is where you can grow new teeth on your forehead. The gain likes to be no more than 60%, or else it can sound muddy at lower volumes because it has such an incredible amount. Otherwise, it just smokes up the room with thick, rich, biting tones, obviously tailored for Nu Metal, but is also useful for much more depending on how you set the controls. I find this to be the mode for lead solos. this channel is exceelent for using your guitar's volume knob-just back the volume off for much cleaner rhythm sounds, and crank it for solos.

More Info :http://mesaboogie.com/Product_Info/Rectifier_Series/The_Single_Rectifiers/Rect-O-Verb_/rect-o-verb_.html

USED 600-900USD
Genres:Blues, Jazz, Alternative

Overview: Considered by many to be the holy grail of tone, here is this Fender Twin.
Wether you want that Stevie Ray Vaugn sound, want some glassy cleans, how bout some Pop Punk this amp is great.

This is the perfect clean channel amp. Since there is no channel switching, you'll have to stick with either channel, and you'll have to buy effects pedals (unless you have a separate amp for distortion). Definitely NOT for metalheads, but for all kinds of rock, blues, and especially jazz, this thing is a godsend. It can produce it's own overdrive when cranked, but unless you are a really light-hearted musician, get yourself some good distortion or overdrive pedals. It really pays off if you save up for the good stuff.

More Info:http://www.fender.com/products//search.php?partno=0215700000

USED 700-800USD
Generes:Metal, Death Metal

Overview:For that headbanger in all of us, you want facemelting distortion, you want gain so fiercesome it sends goosebumps up your spine eveytime you hit a note, you want something that would send the devil himself pissing his his pants uncontrolably with one strum of a chord, well ladies and gents you got it, the Peavey 6505.


this amp was designed by Eddie van halen to get the same saturated sound he got with is marshalls cranked all the way up, at low volumes. the sustain and compression you get from this thing is amazing. the amount of gain it has is over the top.

More Info:http://peavey.com/products/6505/index.cfm

USED 500-800USD
Genres:Punk, Metal, Alternative
Sounds like:

Overview:Great amp for hard rock and blues. If your into alot of 90's alternative punk bands chances are they were using a JCM900 so go back and relive those tennage years with the JCM900

Clean - The clean on this amp is nice and choppy, its not overly deep or overbaring, which is great in a band situation, but you may need to add an addition EQ to the front end for recording just to make the tone jump a little more. Its a good sound for clean rock passages, ska punk or pop-rock, it doesnt really have the bite for fast country or the smoothness for soul and r&b. Push the gain on this channel and you can get some nice rootsy break-up, great for 70's rock and punk.

More Info:http://www.marshallamps.com/heritage/jcm900/jcm900_01.asp

#5)Mesa Boogie F-50 HEAD/COMBO
USED 700-900
Genres:Metal, Nu-Metal, Death Metal
Sounds like

Overview:This is way more than an entry level amp, good for about anything, but really excells in the metal catagory.

While it's not a Rectifier, it shares similar circuit design and therefore has more gain girth and range than the newer Express series.

Clean: Very verstatile, especially with the pull-bright switch on the gain knob of the clean channel. By using the gain knob and master volume, you can range from a fat clean sound a'la '59 bassman, or a shimmering clean with sparkle. It will break up as you get the gain knob and master volume past the 1-2 o'clock range, as the manual dictates. This is what it's meant to do. It is a very warm clean sound that can get as fat or as bright as you need it. The Fender heritage is there. With gain cranked, it will get to the soft clipping of the older vintage amps of the 60's and 70's, especially with hot pickups.

The distortion is outstanding on this amp; the 6L6's deliver excellent warm drive, and with more gain a more full-bodied distortion is possible, with rich harmonics and sweet, lush feedback. Stepping on the 'contour' button unleases a rectifier-style distortion that adds piles of harmonics. Anywhere from rock to metal.

More Info:http://www.mesaboogie.com/Product_Info/Out_of%20_Production/F-Series/F-series.html

Top Five for the Aspiring Musician
500 and under

#1)Peavey Classic 30 combo/headUSED 300-450USD
Genres: Blues, Jazz, Rock
Sounds like:

If you want afford a hign end overpriced AC-30, or a hign end Fender, dont be ashamed to buy a Classic 30, youll find that great things come in small packages


This amp is a real project if you do buy it, by itself its alright but theres lots of potential in this little bugger. In a way its like a happy medium between a VOX and a Fender, but in all truth its an amp of its own that is sure to be classic for years to come.
First of people really like this amp for its cleans and Classic rock tones, and if your looking to do anything else its possible all you need is some pedals and this thing will sound great.
One thing you want to do of the bat is change the tube, people on here seem to like to put JJ's in preamp and Tung-suls in the power amp section so thats a good route to go.
Next thing would be to change the speaker to really see a major diffrence in your tone, alot of people think there horrible but still a step up form regular junk.
If you do those two things your set for a long long time, and youll be very happy to.

1) Made in the U.S. I know it won't fall apart next week like some Chinese made amps I've seen comments on. You pay for that quality, but I believe it's worth it.

2) Very easy to modify this amp. Tube changes, speaker changes, and check out http://www.blueguitar.org/articles.htm for some more cool tricks with this amp. Very versatile and flexible design and construction.

More Info:http://peavey.com/products/browse.cfm/action/detail/item/116551/Classic(R)%2030/112-Black%20Vinyl.cfm

#2)Crate V-Series HEAD/COMBO15watt, 30watt 212, 50watt 112
USED 200-450USD the lower the wattage the bettor the deal
Generes: Rock, Blues, Metal

Overview: Why buy an overpriced TSL or DSL marshall when you could easilly get that classic marshall sound and save a few bucks while your at it.


This is a real phanomanol amp for such a cheap price especially when you get it used as people already switch out the tubes and upgrade them.
I would say its upt there with the Peavey but unlike a vintage voicing this is more for a modern sound.
Well, it covers just about every sound I need, as my band is playing kind of in the styles of the Foo Fighters, QOTSA, and add some Oasis. It looks great style wise ( cool V30 logo & all black w/ silver pin stripes ).
for clubs, even though it's plenty loud enough by it's self at 30 watts. One feature that really sold me on this amp was the foot switchable boost ( footswitch was included ), this is almost like have another channel or two as it works for both clean and crunch and pushes the mids up by 10db's for solos or just different variations on the sound ya already have dialed in. I haven't recorded with it yet, but I'm looking forward to it, as I can get my sound without having to drive the engineer nuts by being too loud, even though that's sometimes fun, as my drummer is the one who records the band at his home studio! Oh, I almost forgot, it has a nice deep and un-boingy reverb that's a real inprovement over the old vintage club series that these V-Series amps replaced.

More Info:http://crateamps.com/products/pindex.php?prodID=8
#3)Vox AC-15CC
Used 400-500USD
Genres:Jazz, Blues, Rock
Sounds like:

Overview: If your not to old school rock, and just want a no frills with a bunch of thrill this is your amp. This unit comes with a Tremolo circut and with a speed and depht controll. Reverb rivals Fender, and it also comes with master volume knob to get that oh so sweet tube overdrive at lower volumes, this amp is the real deal. The ultimate little amp.

Great sonic variety here. This amp is VERY responsive to pick attack, volume knob setting, pre and master volume settings etc. The bass and treble controls cover a very wide range and interact in a cool way with the other controls, the reverb, the pre-gain and the tremolo.... a little rotation on an of the controls yeilds fertile ground for new sonic discovery. The amp sounds great clean and dirty. This is not a 5150 Chernobyl type distortion generator... it is a more subtle sound... it posseses great depth and really seems to allow for expressive response to "digging in" when playing blues. I would certainly give this amp a strong edge over the Fender Blues Junior.... an amp with basicly the same tube layout.... I have heard and played though both.... and of course the Vox is a little more pricey but you get the tremolo.... nice! I have used this amp with both humbucker and single coil guit boxes.... Of course the hummers make this thing sound like a cruise missle "shock and awe" campaign tuned to dropped "D". Wonderfull, powerful sounding distortion... and you can really bring out some highs in darker guitars with the "top boost" by cranking the treble up... sweet! It brought my Ibanez Jet King II to life. A guitar my band-mates have refered to as "dull" sounding in the past.... With a strat, you get the standard wine glass breaking highs and upper-mids.... and you can hear the sound waves ricochetting around inside the reverb tank..... YES! This amp suits my style when I play jazz, blues and rock.... Heavy metal, agro.... hmmm, not really but, bring on the grunge... Nivrana.... Kurt would have loved this little puppy.
This amp is incredibly guiet.... virtually no hum. It is quiet with my 100 buck made in Indonesia "mini-strat".... and some early Vox amps have a reputation for being very noisely because of their circuit design.....

More Info:https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=33

#4)B-52 AT112
USED under 500USD
Genres: Metal, Rock

Overview:When it comes to versatility and price this amp is hard to beat. Other amps talk about versatility but forget about tone, not so with this baby. The cleans are passable and more than just descent, the Overdirve is just unheard for an amp that is in the under 600$ margin. A trully impressive amp.
Agreed, good thread. I was able to find my JCM 900 Combo used last year for $500 SCORE!!!
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