i've been playing guitar for almost 3 months now, i i'm wondering if it's some riff/solos that is "important"(you know what i mean) to know how to play?
and don't be afraid if u think it's to hard for me..

i guess i can start out with what i can play
Crazy Train solo, learned in 2 hours
Stairway to heaven solo
We will rock you solo
Bohemian rhapsody solo
AC/DC - TNT, full song
AC/DC - Highway to hell, full song

and much more
Wrong forum, but I'll give you a hand anyway because feck, you're good for 3 months.

Well, if you don't think your pinky finger is strong enough or whatever, Plug In Baby by Muse is a great riff to practice. Another great one to get you moving about the fretboard is Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Oh, and I know this isn't what you asked, but if you're looking for a greater understanding of music, look into learning the piano as well as the guitar, as a second instrument. Works wonders.
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ok, sorry about wrong forum

But thanks, i'll try out those songs
i'm maybe gonna start to learn the piano too
For three months, DAMN, that's some progress!! As much as I hate the song, Entrance of the conflagration - Trivium, has some techniques and riffs which will improve your playing tenfold, and was a very important song for me to learn.
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