This song is something I wrote about a month ago. It's pretty simple and is somewhat soft compared to alot of the music I write and is on this site. But none the less I'd like to hear your comments.
I don't really have a name for this song yet. So if you can think of something suitable, that would be cool too.

Thanks for listening

Checkout my profile for the song. It's called Jazzy Blues.

Nice tune!
Loved the entire backing & the tones. Only bit that I would offer, is maybe a little smoother sound...kinda semi-hollow bodied tone for the lead...or even a little more funky-spanky, Strat-ish tone might've worked too.
Note choices and playing were all pretty damn good, just in my own opinion, I think that a slightly more mellow leadtone would've made the notes sing just a bit more. Personal pref though...nothing overly critical intended by it.

Thanks! I agree. I used Amplitube for this one as a test. And I've pretty much got the same comments about the solo. I'm gonna mess with it some more to find the right sound. It may be hard since the only guitar I have is a 22 year old Charvel model 4.

Thanks Again!

i like it man. the intro is great and the rhythm is good. i like how for a lot of the song you move slow.. minimal notes (if used right) can add a whole different feel to the tune.

one opinion.. not to be taken negatively. At :50-1:05 i think bends would sound better on those 3 note runs. thats just me though.

All together great job though man i like it
the intro is great, the backing is great.. basicly a perfect jam track backround. i actually really like the lead tone sounded great over what you were going for. the lead is great again, but maybe make it more of a song, with a reacuring theme, you know.

otherwise great tune..
and thanks for the crit
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Very nice intro. Criting as I listen.

Sounds very Ry Cooder-y without the slide. Great tone. What are you playing through. Not really much to say other than I like it quite a bit.


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I am really liking practically everything you post brother!

Do you mind if I say, I can almost hear a really really awesome bass line to put on here... not that yours is not good. The notes float through my head, in one ear, out the other, all the while registering effectively in my brain.

Its a flat out cool tune, and I do mean cool as in a groovy cool. Cool as the concrete as you walk down the street in a city on a cool summer night.

Try this for a name: "Concrete Blues"

here's something of mine you've not heard yet.
sweetish, i dig jazzy blues for sure, some vocals would bring the song together, the one that really caught my ear was Its Not my Fault, Dave Grohl would be jealous man, that song rocks hard
Being into a lot of jazz and blues at the moment I loved this track. Good sounding drum, and you've got a awesome tone there. Nice rhythm part and the soloing is just as good. Beautiful guitar part in fact Good job man, keep it up.
I loved the intro and all the chords. I like the lead tone, but I'm just personally a fan of a little smoother tone.

I dig the lead work over it however, I think you could have phrased it better. Keep space in between your notes and every note you play will sound that much better. Don't feel like you always have to play or hang on a note. Sometimes silence is good.
Quote by paulefty
Honestly, this is the 1st "solo" instrumental I've ever written. And crashed is the second. Usually I write songs for vocals, so I really don't know how to play the style I'm trying to pull off. I never learned scales, I never took a lesson, and tone for solo's are the last thing I've ever thought about. Now rhythms are a whole different ball game. I can come up with 100 rhythms a day if I wanted to. Liking them is a whole different story. LOL

Your right, everybody who has said anything about the song mentioned the tone. Like I said before. On this track I used Amplitube for all the guitars, so the tone sounds somewhat fake, because it is! That and I recorded the song with the neck pickup on my guitar, and it tends to sound a bit muddy at times. I'm working on it though. Right now I'm setting this song aside for some other songs. I can't work on the same song for too long or I'll start to hate it.

Thanks for the crit.