dime used one.........
good enough reason for me to get one
Total Failure

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they pretty good quality, depends on what kinda music you play

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Depends on the guitar.

Making blanket statements about an entire brand of guitars is never a good idea.
In my mind, the cheap ones are ****, the more expensive ones are pretty good, but you have to be careful when you're playing so you don't smash the hell out of the body.
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From what a friend said, the dime guitar is only really good for one style of music,,, he didn't find it very versatile. Awesome for that style though.

Others I haven't heard much about.
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Not a big fan of the Razorbacks. The pickups are too trebly for me. Still great quality guitars though.
i love the explosion lefty razorback. omg its liek amazing lol. to bad i cant afford it though, i dont have 1200 to lay down for a guitar unfortunately
I like them, but I won't defend the low end models. They're not designed to be anything more than a starter guitar. Generally when you get to the '79 series and the above (i.e. high priced) models, they start to shine. The trems on them are all sub par, as they aren't GREAT LFR's, but they're good. The only one that comes with an OFR is the MAB sig, I think he absolutely demanded it . The graphics on them are up to you, some people love them, others don't. Up close they look kinda cheesy to me.

The USA models are very nice though, but pretty over priced. I mean I could put in the exact same specs as one into RAN guitars custom form, and I'd probably get around the same price.
I have a Razorback DB, I love it. don't listen to fan boys of other brands they will tell you otherwise. they are the most comfterbal for me to play i'm 6'3. but Deff stay away from there lower stuff because it could be a lemon but I have never played a lemon yet so your pretty safe. and if you play metal your gonna love it's just vulgar display of power