Hi All,

The smallstone thread reminded me of this one, I hope someone has an idea for me.

I use an EHX deluxe electric mistress for flange, and a small stone for phase in my modulation.

I find when using these pedals that I get a better sound when I alter the signal using a Boss EH-2 enhancer pedal in front of them.

However- I'd like to setup my pedals so that I can turn on the EH2 and Mistress, or EH2 and smallstone at the same time.

Is there any way that this would be possible using line selctors or A/B boxes etc? I've used pedals for years but never needed to switch two on at the same time.

Or......... am I over complicating things here, as in should I simply place the EH2 between the EHX boxes (but cabled up correctly of course) so I can stomp 2 at the same time?

TIA folks
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