i have an audition for college tomorrow at 9 o clock for guitar, we have a compulsory grade 5 peice we have to do, and i am another grade 5 song also. i know them both fine, but tomorrow will decide whether or not i get onto a music course, and i normally get really nervous playing infront of people.

any tips on how not to get nervous?

Just play. You know your guitar better than anyone else. It's basically another appendage. Just do your best, and if you make it, great, if not, great.
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Whatever you do, just don't think about how this will make or break the rest of your life, and how it will destroy any chance you have at achieving your hopes and dreams.

Try deep breathing. And alcohol.
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I always find nerves are good. Means you're not going to be cocky. Best thing you can do (i find anyway) is practice like mad. When i did my college audition, i sat in the hall practicing right up until i had to go in. Also, i closed my eyes while playing. Worked for me! .
There are no ways, officially, and these ways are not proven so don't hold my word to them: Masturbation, apparantly that should work chemically and is a proven stress reliever. Breathing heavily and controlled, that always helps me. Look at things from a "stoners" point of view (I don't mean to generaliza here)...just say...screw it, if I fail, its there problem, there the ones missing out on an awesome guitarist! I don't need them to enjoy music and enjoy life. Success is whatever you make it to be. Try playing in front of your family or friends a few times and get used to the idea because it is quite disconcerting. Or you could try wearing no clothes, then you will only be concerned with how big your penis is looking to worry about whether your playing properly.
this reminds me of a few weeks ago when i was performing in some variety show. was my first public guitar performance and was to a fairly big audience. i just used the acting technique were u just think that the audience are supporting you and you are the entertainment. if you mess up they will still support you and admire you skill and stuff.

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Chill out. Think of only you, your guitar, and the 2 pieces. Practice endlessly, and try to get some practice time in front of friends/family/roommates.
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