Hey i'm wondering if i buy a new bridge and neck for my 5-string bass can it become a 4?

just wondering

Just out of curiousity TS, why do you ask? Or why would you want to make such a change to a bass?
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It'd be even better if you could make it an MC Esher style optical illusion so you've got 5 strings at the nut but down the neck the gaps between the strings become the strings themselves so you've only got 4 at the bridge

if you see what I mean
Haha why bother...? You can always just not use the 5th string.

Plus, you never know when you might need one.
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Well if you're serious about this, you can always try to put in single string bridges (like the monorail ones) and attempt to modify the headstock so you can customize your string spacing since you do have a wider neck, but doubt it would work.
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You're better off just selling it and getting a 4 string. It's possible to change it but it won't be easy and in the end it probably wont be worth it anyway.
There'd be a lot of string spacing, which I for one love.

I've thought of doing this to my Peavey Fury 5 before, although I refrained from in fear of murdering it's resell value. (I was planning on removing a tuning peg, sealing the hole and leaving it with a Stingray-ish style headstock)
I suppose you could.

but you can also play bass wearing boxing gloves.

I put these in the same category.
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Why dont you keep it and just buy the 4 string??
Or sell it and buy the 4 string.

You guys seen the Bc Rich Zombie Exotic 5 string?
That sh*t kicks ass.
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Sure you can. You can do anything to a guitar or bass with the right skills and tools. The neck might be wider after you dunnit though.
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