Anyone here an electrician? Just curious to know the average salaray one would make as an electrician and how easy it would be to find a job coming out of high school..danke kindly!
Firstly, you need a qualification to become an electrician, so you're not getting a job right out of highschool, apprenticeship maybe, job, never.

They make loads because they charge £90 for a 3A fuse.

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well, it depends. My father is in IBEW (union) and his base salary is $30/hour, but it's usually more.
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You need a full grade 12 to become an apprentice or summat, and most of the electricians I know make about 100k a year or so. It depends on how much overtime you'd like to work.
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So one couldn't find a trade school i'd guess..maybe get trained there then get a job right away? Not sure because right now I'm on the road to becoming a mechanical engineer when i'm through with college..but i also wanted to explore some other options. I mean by the sounds of it, 4 years and all that money for a job that (from what you guys have clued me into) won't make too much more is sort of a horrible thing to think about haha