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---Ever Shores---

What will be when death becomes us;
By broken bones or withered hands,
measured by the ever sands.
When warm breath is never more,
I hope to sail to the ever shores.

---I Always Lie---

I always lie, when you’re in the room
I’m always right, but so are you
I cannot see, so you try to fool me
We fool ourselves, and eat from a tree.

I always lie, to tell you the truth
It’s all for nothing, it’s all misconstrued
When I speak to you, you laugh like a fool
We fool ourselves, and march to school.

When everything is legitimate,
nothing is sate
So I sit and cry, and I always lie.

I always lie, when you’re in the room
I’m never right, but neither are you
That I can see, even though you blind me
We fool ourselves, quite contently

---Call It "Unrequited"---

From nothing to acquaintance.
Just like that,
she's in my life.
Waving hello in the hallway.
Casual conversations,
wherever possible.
School seems exciting now.
Who would've thought?

From acquaintance to friend.
Somehow we've moved
from petty talks
to Starbucked sermons.
Each brain picked,
we're now tuned accordingly.
Our radio station:
within each other's bounds.

It would be true
if I said
that I loved her.

But she doesn't want that.

From friend to best.
Recognition on walls of shame.
Inside jokes, reserved;
Party of two.
The point where names
aren't exchanged.
We know each other.
We are each other.

She tells me her problems
With her current beau.
And I sit,

It would be true
if I said
that I loved her.

But she won't have it,
and I can't help that.

---Won't get away this time---

You always make me hesitate.
The way you play my head,
I watch the way I tread.
And yet afraid it says my fate
as if I might be dead.

But this time,
your love is mine.
won't stun the sight
of one who might
not rhyme
this time.

But none could ever understand
the beating I have won
that I should overcome,
from every grain of hours sand
of how I'm not the one.
I wasn't blown away by any of them, really.
I owe a ton of people critiques.

If you're one of them, please PM me.

I have trouble keeping track.