#1 probably drop c
#2 definitely in drop c

atreyu does like ALL their songs in drop c
It's hard to kill a monster with a knife
But judging from the blood on my hands,
He won't be back for a while
all there songs are drop c....even though they suck now
Total Failure

If every dream is a wish, then to dream of zombies is to wish for an appetite without responsibility
yeh theyre all in drop c. personally i used to think drop tunings were for lazy guys and hardcore crap bands, but alot of swedish death metal bands use them to have different sounds and styles. i recently broke down and wrote a song with my band in drop d (we play standard, of course) and its the most aggressive/melodic thing we've ever written. if you want to check out some of our stuff, go to www.myspace.com/oblivionrisingmetal
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alright, thanks guys... last poster i checked out ur songs...they sounded great, the only thing i don't like is that *i think* (my own personal opinion), the drums are too loud...just my opinion. But anyway's thanks guys.