She's alive n' kicking!

I recently bought her with the sole intention of getting hold of her usable parts for another Teisco project I'm working on, and it turned out both were fine, they just needed a little tlc. So here's one up for grabs. It's been cleaned, and buffed. :thu:

Everything on it works perfect, including the electronics! It does have a lot of dings and wear on the finish "see the pics", but I think that they add her some character "a natural relicing". The neck is straight, fret do not exhibit much wear.. in short it's good to go, a nice condition considering how old it is.

The only thing you'll need to make it play is a bridge and a nut. Put that on, and you're golden!, instant 60's tone out this gal.

Shoot me an offer.:wave:

What kind of bridge do you need on it?

Also, would you accept some kind of trade?
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Quote by darkarbiter7
What kind of bridge do you need on it?

Also, would you accept some kind of trade?

Well, you can probably get one of the originals off of ebay for cheap. However, I also kept one of these for my personal use, and I've decided to install A TOM bridge on it. It's an easy install and it's going to allow me to intonate it properly.. which you wouldn't be able to do so with an original... just a matter of preference I guess.

I wasn't thinking of trades, but I may consider one, yes.
that almost looks like my old harmony h-802, just the pick-up switches are in a different position and the body horns look just slightly different.
and the harmony version have the old "woodpecker" style headstock.
it's nice to see someone actually appreciated these old guitars. this one you have looks pretty good.
good luck with the sale.
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I was just about to say the same thing.

I too have that Harmony guitar.

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These are truly nice guitars. When I bought these two, I was just planning on restoring them for the fun of it and maybe a small profit, but when I played them through my twin I fell in love with he tone! Hence why I kept one I'm now waiting for a tom bridge I ordered for it, then it should be even sweeter. Cause right now I have it setup with an improvised bridge I made out of a metal hanger, and it's not that great lol.