STreets of damnation

Little Jamie never had a chance
Born to a family that lived in indigence
Good kid forced to a life crime
Just to bring in the dimes
He's struggling to make ends meet
Sellin' dope out on the street
If he'd been born into a different situation
He'd be away from the streets of damnation

On the streets!! (the unforgiving streets)
On the streets!! (the cold, dark, bitter streets)
On the streets!! (the streets of damnation)

Little suzan lives with her brother
And her abusive mother
Never knew her alcoholic father
They never cared for each other
Ten years later she's a hoe
Just makin' enough to buy her dope
If she'd been born to a loving family
She wouldn't be dying of misery

On the streets...

END...Crit 4 Crit
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Quote by Skaliveson
This reminds me infinitely of The Offspring's "The kids aren't alright". And, in the same way, I like it a lot. Sorry this is quick, hopefully I'll get back to do a full one later.

It reminded me of youth of the nation by P.O.D.
It's alright.