My local GC is selling an ibanez ex370 (no longer in production) for $150. I really want to buy it but when i took it to the counter, they could not find a toggle switch cap that fits nor could they find a tremolo bar that fits the hole.

I really really really want to purchase this baby but the trem system is useless without a bar and I know the switch cap is going to annoy the **** outta me. I was wondering where I could get my hands on these replacement parts, especially since this guitar is no longer in production?
Well the trem is pretty much useless since it is a lo trs.

But, if you wanted to you could swap it out.

and i think a bar that would fit would be the one that goes with the edge III trems.
the color is slightly different from that ebay one, its like a reddish amberish color and the inlays are all pearl. I figured that since the ppl at GC tried like 5 or 6 bars that couldn't fit, that I was out of luck.
Did they try a the ibanez tremolo bar with the white bushings?

EDIT: from the look of some pics and some research, I think it may be a screw in.
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