Yeah I know it's lulzy.

I basically started playing guitar as something to do while I was downloading on the pc or when I was bored. I didn't really take it seriously at all.

So here I am 5 years later, same guitar, new amp. New strings and drop C tuned (yes I do know tunings and string names but that's about it)

The other reason is that no one that I know from school/work etc plays drums/bass/guitar and even the ones that do don't give a crap about starting a band or playing anything seriously.

I play stuff like Cancer Bats/Billy Talent/Alexisonfire and Atreyu/BFMV/A7x.
I can do most of Dan Jacob's solos and 3/4 of Eruption.

I can play pretty much anything that I sit down and learn if I practice it enough :|

So where do you guys think is a good starting place for me to learn theory given that I'm not a beginner? I don't want to play hot crossed buns or whatever the f*** the songs are in those beginner guitar books.

Scales? Don't know any of them or how to tell what key a song is in or anything like that.

i toll my teacher to teach me theory and i dint get anything he said. he toll me to learn the notes on the fret board first, so i guess that were you shold start

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mmm I've been playing for 4 years and dont understand any theory, its starting to get on my nerves but when ever I try learn it I dont have a clue wtf I'm reading, it just doesnt make sence to me.

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Oh boy.

Hmm...learning music theory yourself is pretty tough unless you REALLY try hard and do a lot of reading. If you really can't go to a teacher or have someone teach you, then buying a book or reading some articles on the internet is really all I can tell you to do. And yes, you're going to have to play things like hot cross buns and whatnot, but you'll be learning a lot while you do so, so don't fret (haha no pun intended).

Most people who are self-taught generally know music theory from something else. I personally am self-taught, but I know a lot of music theory from years and years of piano training. I think if I tried to teach myself guitar without ever having played another instrument, I'd probably know jack sh*t about music theory.

God luck.
I have been playing for a little over 2 years and wanted to learn theory. There is this book that I purchased online just because it looked good. It actually has a lot of things in it that any guitarist can benefit from. Its called Music Theory for Guitarists: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask
Written by Tom Kolb. http://www.amazon.com/Music-Theory-Guitarists-Everything-Wanted/dp/063406651X
I would really recommend this one to everyone to read if they are interested in learning about theory. See if the library has it so you can save some money, but I would say buy it. Its good to have in a collection with other guitar books.
The Crusade articles by Josh Urban in the Columns section are a great starting point to help ease you into learning theory.
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ive been playing for 2 years now.and some of the stuff my guitar teacher says doesnt make any sense at times. but im srry but i dont know any places for you to start off with music theory. but i only know one scale though, here it is.

E-| 2 3 5
B-| 3 5
G-| 2 4 5
D-| 2 4 5
A-| 2 3 5
E-| 3 5

im sorry if its sloppy but the scale is like a do-ray-mi whatever its called.
oh yeah start with the low e string and just play it moderatly. plus i dont know anything about music theory either.
Check this site out: http://www.zentao.com/guitar/theory/

And look for the chord construction lesson in UG.

That will get you started without overwhelming too much.
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