I have my Crate RFX200s, and I love it to death. I play blues, light rock rhythm, and classic rock rhythmn. The amp ways 74 pounds though, and I drive a truck. So when I go to jam with my friends, It is a hassle. I was looking into this is a small little jam rig for my Fender HSS Strat that I play mainly:

Fender Champion 600 5W 1x6 Tube Combo Amp $199.99
Danelectro DJ-4 Corned Beef Reverb Pedal $29.99
Boss DS-1 Distortion (I own it)

Do you think this well fulfill my needs for a solid, low cost jamming rig?*


*Keep in mind this is just jamming. Not full band practice or rehearsal... I will use my Crate for those purposes.
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