Ok, so i'm working on Layla by Derick(Eric Clapton) and the dominos and I came to a problem. I just realized I am a little rusty at doing a hammer-on into a pull-off. I will list the part I have trouble on: 1st string 11th fret to 14th fret back to 11th fret. So basically you are doing a hammer-on pull-off to 11, 14, 11. That probably makes no sense but any help is appreciated. Thanks.
Yea, this song is basically owning me right now lol. I need to play it slower, but with no mistakes instead of full speed making mistakes. It's just, every time i've tried it before, it has been hard to pull this off and it sounded like complete crap. Thanks for the tip.
I'm can't quite remember how that song goes but the hammer-on to a pull-off isn't to hard. Is it a held 14 hammer-on or real quick like?

Just use your index finger on the 11, hammer-on hard with your ring finger, then as you pull back off slight "pluck" the string to keep it steady being careful not to pluck or hit any others. If it is a quick 11-14-11 hammer-on and the 14 isn't held for more than a beat than the "plucking" for the pull-off isn't really neccassary.

Hope this helped ya. I'm sure there are alot more people that will be able to help ya out alot more than myself, but figured I'd give it a shot man.
If I can post an image on this thread, I could show you the complete page. Tabs and everything. Then you would get the idea of it.