hey everyone i got a question about the peavey classics, im just trying to decide on a tube amp to buy and im wondering if the peavey classic 30 is worth the investment? is it loud enough for a gig?? im trying to decide between that or the peavey classic 50 with the 2 12inch speakers but im not sure if ill need that much power?

i never used a tube amp before all i ever used was my marshall mg 30 (lol)
also if anyone has any suggestions towards another amp that'd be cool too
oh by the way i play a fender mexi strat

alright man thanks because i wasnt to excited about hauling that 50 watt to and from practice! lol
it WILL be worth it.

take your question over to Guitar Gear and Accessories and you will see what I mean.

do yourself a favor tho and create a new title and subject matter so you don't get flamed for creating same thing in two places. They (we) love the Classic 30 so you'll get a lot of advice.

Provide: Budget, style of music, gig or home, new or used.

The Classic 30 is a great amp, although I'm not sure if its quite loud enough to use at a gig. I have trouble getting my Classic 30 to roar above my drummer during practice, although we practice in his bedroom so you have to take the bad acoustics into consideration. I wouldn't trade my Classic 30 for anything though; Its great for practicing in your room as well as jamming with other guitarists, and it can definitely get loud enough to annoy your roommates. :]
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yea man im in a trio band right now and my bassist uses a 50watt washburn amp so i need something that will rip his ****in head off cause this 30watt marshall mg just wont do! well its loud enough but not as loud as i'd want it to be sometimes you know what i mean?? and we play alot of classic rock, mainly just garage rock and **** like that you know have a couple beer, blaze a joint and just ****in jam all night thats the kinda music we play! lol
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It'll be even more worth it if you can snatch it used. The volume between the 30 and 50 won't be very much, so you might as well save the money and back pain and go for the 30. It is loud enough to gig with.

+1 i got mine used for $335 i was so friggin happy. randomly went to guitar center...and there it was.....smilling at me...lol jkjk

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Have you ever cranked it? I feel uncomfortable cranking it without earplugs. I'd say it's loud enough, but I guess a lot of it has to do with venue and band members.

again +1 i use earplugs when playing in my small bedroom when its on 3. and at my schools gymnasium i cranked it to 12 (max) and that thing literally shook the floor...ALOT!
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It's a great amp for the price, even new, even better used...but what kind of music do you play?


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