Alright... I play metal (thrash, groove, speed, etc.)
And I'm looking for a good metal tone with loads of distortion but cant make up my mind which amp to get. Which do you recommend?

1. BUGERA 6260 120w head
2. Randall Warhead 150w combo
3. Peavey 5150 60w combo
4. Peavey XXX 120w head
5. B52 ST100 Stealth 100w head
Lol, are you kidding? What are you, an advertiser?

I already have that ****y amp anyway.
Dude go for the B52 I've never tried the ST but i've heard good things...i have a AT 100 head and its got a pretty kickass tone...and if not that go for the Peavey 5150 60w combo you cant go wrong with that.
Lol, its just that EVERYONE on this site is against Spider 3's, and seeing you recommend it, even though it wasnt even an option of the amps I listed, looking suspicious.
Most people reccomend the 5150 for Hi-gain, the Bugera seems to be doing just as well if not better. The XXX are a little bright for that thrashier tone, but they can pull off BASICALLY anything. B52 AT are better than the ST

I would just test a 5150/6505 up against the bugera 6262 or 333xl, thats probably your best bet