Does anyone have any tips of how to hear the bass in a song easier so it will be easier to tab? Some songs that I really wanna play don't have the tabs anywhere and it's quite hard to hear the bass in the song...

So, again I ask, are there any tips on how to hear and tab bass more efficiently?
if you cant here it the song why play it??? improvise
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Subwoofer, man.

Eh...My speakers don't have one (as you could probably tell) and it'll probably be a pain in the ass to get one. Anything else?

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if you cant here it the song why play it??? improvise

Um...what do you mean?
If you're playing it through something like winamp there's an equaliser section where you can raise the volume of the bass and lower the higher frequencies, that would probably be the easiest option. You might need to fiddle with it a bit to get a good sound but it shouldn't be too hard.
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