I am looking to upgrade my guitar with new pickups. I have a crestwood electric guitar and I mostly play stuff from Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, and ither bands like that (Don't hate me because i like A7X). In my guitar i have single coil pickups,and if it's possible to upgrade to humbuckers without too much hassel i will, if not just post good single coil pickups. My amp is a behringer gx212 and i have a boss MT-2 metal zone pedal (I posted this incase someone asked). I'm not looking to get a new guitar at the moment because I'm saving up for a synyster custom, and this is only a temporary fix. I don't know too much about the diffrence between the neck pickup and the bridge pickup so if someone could also tell me the diffrence i would greatly appriciate it.
it would be possible to upgrade but you would have to have space bored out for the humbuckers...good humbuckers would be Seymour Duncan Invaders (what Synyster Gates uses, btw...hes a beast) or a JB set...the neck pickup tends to blend things which is good for soloing if you alternate pick, tremolo pick, or sweep pick alot...while the bridge has a very raw sound to it which is better for riffing
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I'd recommend Gibson Humbuckers.. but you do have to cut a hole in your guitar,

although i head about those humbucker things that fit single coils.. i dunno.
a new amp perhaps?
but i'd recommend Dimarzio D-Activators.
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I was looking on the internet and I found these:


Would either one be good for metal or no.

I also found this one but there is a humbucker in it:


If i were to get that Kirk Hammett set how hard would it be to make a slot for a humbucker.
dude just go for the Seymour dunncan hotrails that fits in single coil slots or the little 59' they are a joy to installl and sound great
Presuming it's a strat copy, have a look under the pick guard, if it's routed in a big square (swimming pool routed) under neath then I'd just get a fully loaded pick guard - something like this:


If it is routed for 2 single coils and a humbucker, then you could try something like:


If you've already decided to get a decent guitar next, there's not a lot of point paying huge amount of money out on decent pickups, when presumably the one you buy next is going to have good quality stock pickups.
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Save yourself some pain, and just get the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails pickup.


It's a humbucker, in a singlecoil housing. The Maiden guys are reknowned for using them.

Edit: Those EMG sets are over-priced - buy the pickups individually.


this is the way to go, you wont have to go cutting holes or anything. They're the same size as single coils. and they look cool too.
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Those hot rails should i only get one or all three?

I just read your first post again. If you're saving for a Synester Custom anyway, why not try a cheaper pickup? The GFS hot rail style pickups are supposed to be decent, and are a bargain: http://store.guitarfetish.com/lilkiblhurap.html. They get mentioned all of the time on here, and loads of people use them.