I'm looking to upgrade from my PRS Santana Edition and I was looking at this beautiful beast.

Billy Corgan Strat


Body: Alder
Finish: Satin Lacquer
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Maple 9.5"
Frets: 22 Jumbo Frets
Scale Length: 25.5"

Hardware: Chrome
Tuning Keys: Fender® Standard Cast/Sealed Tuning Machines
Bridge: Modern Hard Tail Bridge
Pickguard: 3 Ply Black/White/Black on (805) Olympic White; 3-Ply White/Black/White on (806) Black
Pickups: Special Design Dimarzio® Billy Corgan Single Spaced Humbucking Neck Pickup, Dimarzio® ChopperTM Middle Pickup, Special Design Dimarzio® Billy Corgan Single Spaced Humbucking Bridge Pickup
Pickup Switching:
5-Position Blade:
Position 1. Full Humbucking Bridge Pickup
Position 2. Inside Coil of Bridge Pickup and Full Humbucking Middle Pickup
Position 3. Full Humbucking Middle Pickup
Position 4. Full Humbucking Middle Pickup and Outside Coil of Neck Pickup
Position 5. Full Humbucking Neck Pickup
Controls: Master Volume, Tone 1 (Neck), Tone 2 (Bridge)

has anyone played one of these? I've never played a Strat before so I'm not really sure how this compares to a basic American Strat.
Nice beaver.

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It would be a it better if it wasn't a Fender.
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Wait wait,did you mean a Standard PRS or an SE?By the way,I think the strat is beautiful.
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That strats gorgeous... but... why the Heck would you want to upgrade from a PRS Santana? My dad has one, its soo nice to play!
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In my mind that would be a severe downgrade but thats just me, if you want it, go for it.
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That is a beautiful guitar... I saw the black Billy Corgan sig and thought it was really dull, but I could seriously get one of these. It's not insanely expensive either, €1025 at www.thomann.de.