hey guys.. i got my new song.

i dont think its completly done yet. but i just need some feedback on it, and what people think of it.

so please constructive critism and thanks in advance

also C4c

its on my profile
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it's good. i think the second guitar part comes across a little strong, maybe lower the volume and eq it some.
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Pretty chill song. I liked it.
You've got a nice voice, you should try to get more out of it. Sing with a bit more enthusiasm?

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I like your song a lot. I do agree a little bit with nunu on putting a little more emotion into your singing, but that is such a relaxed song, maybe it doesn't need it. I like the layered guitars a lot. The song makes me feel like I am there where the music is happening, if that makes any sense...
Good job dude. I really liked it. It has a good message and a great melody. Your singing is good and the 2nd guitar is a nice touch to the song.

It's OK man!! j/k

Good job!



thanks for the crit. I liked this song a lot. You've got a smooth voice and it suits the song well, the second guitar, as said was a nice touch. Would have liked to have heard a bit of string sections in it with a keyboard or something but it's not really necessary. Good work
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Nice song, lovely intro.
The lyrics seem good, and the vocals have a nice melody. Personally id like to hear a bit more intensity in your voice, but thats a personal taste thing.
The guitar playings good, and the strumming gives a nice rhythm to the song.
And as one of the guys above said, the lead guitar can be over powering at points.

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very excellent message you're putting out there.

I agree with the abpve that the vocals to fall flat sometimes, but it's definitely not enough to distract listening. Sing from the pits of your being man, find a melody that will give you goosebumps. Don't think about whether or not you consider yourself a singer. It's not the extent of your technique that matters in the end, it is the extent of which you portrayed what you are trying to get across to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who listens to what you are saying.

The chord progression is very contemperary, not a bad thing.

a good job. Consider what I said maybe.