Wow lol, I don't want to make fun of his playing since he looks like a beginner, but his tone raped my ears
Dats why i dont use pedals, i play straight through the amp...cuz all pedals do is **** it up!
And ugh that was probs the WORST sound i've everr heard...I could **** into a metal pipe and make a better sound than that!
worst ever

i left a comment, im knotx182

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man, his tone sucks bad. I love the song though, saw FFDP live with Disturbed
I don't see any reason to rag on the guy. He's obviously new to guitar and I'm sure there are plenty far worse videos floating around on youtube.

However, I will say that I've never understood why people feel so obligated to share some of the things they do on youtube.
wow, i dont even remember when i was that bad
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