When my Hard Drive died a few months ago, I replaced it, no big deal. I installed the things that I needed and went on. Today I felt an urge to play Warcraft III so I installed it fine and the expansion.

While they did install perfectly, they wont play. It gives a message to make sure that the CD is in the drive. So I tried my Diablo CD, same thing happened.

Why will my computer install something, but it cannot play it?
did you get vista? it might be a compatability issue
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that happened to me. it would work once i closed all other open windows (aka if you anything open when you try to play, close them)

if that doesnt work then idk sorry
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Its the WC3 game. I had it for a while, uninstalled it by accident once. I forgot about it, tried to play it, and it installed fine like you said. But now it says that there is no CD in the thing, and I bet its game, not the computer.