I've listened to a couple of the live videos, and from what I can tell he seems to cut the bass down and add a bit more treble but I'm still not too sure. I've already got the Telecaster Plus and I'm using a Vox ADVT30 on the boutique clean channel. Any one have any suggestions as to where to dial in the knobs to get that clean but very clear type sound?
He uses an AC30 for his clean tones I believe. Although you won't be able to get a clean setting out of the AC30TB channel, the clean channel on the Vox should get it pretty close. I always thought you could get a nice chimey AC30 tone by adding a bit more treble and mids. I'd keep the bass at around 2:00 and the mids and treble at around 3 or 4:00.

If you're using that Tele, I wouldn't cut the bass too much or else it will be too thin.
Hmm...that helps, do you know how much I should crank the gain and volume settings?
I haven't played mine in a while since I sold it about half a year ago, but it depends on how clean you want it. If you want it more clean, keep the gain lower and bring up the volume. If you want it a little grittier, then bring up the gain and lower volume.