Hey guys, this is basically the only forum I'm in, and I thought there'd be some techies in here, so heres my problem. The picture below is what happens when I try to run BFV.

Never used to happen until I put a PCI Powercolor HD2400 into the computer (I know I know, ****ty card) so it's gotta be something to do with that. I've reinstalled Directx 10 and all the drivers for the card, updated, etc. But it keeps doing it. Anyone know why or how to fix it? Cheers.

Sorry about the size.
does it support DX10? the game and the card? i mean it should or switch down to DX9 at least, shouldn't it? buy a couple of 8800 GT's :P

EDIT: ah yes, do you have the card that costs $37 or $65?

buy a new video card or even better a new computer that will support PCI-e
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Take some more screenies around the map

It seems kinda of strange that it only happens to that building where as your gun arms and scenery is fine...

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The aircraft, vehicles etc are fine. Just the buildings and stationary objects. Really quite strange.