how are some ways to become a better singer without having lessons?
is it really possible? what are some excersizes ( i don't know how to spell it and spellcheck isn't providing the right fix) that can improve my tone and other things leading up to good singing?
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Doesn't that count as a lesson?

That's preeeeety sweet though.

Not really, I think TS means they wouldn't want to sing in front of anyone e.g. singing coach. More of a teach yourself exercise.
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try Ug's vocal thread
and its kinda impossible without some kind of lesson
try those free internet ones

as for practice
sing some scales
and do some breathing exercises
I can only imagine that YouTube might have a few lessons on there. Obviously free of charge. Free of flaw however, that's another story.
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Don't do it man! Not worth it. I tried to get good at singing 2 years ago without taking lessons because I figured I could just practice alot infront of a tuner. It turns out I was doing alot wrong and just getting callouses in my vocal chords from doing all the bad stuff that everyone on the radio does. Go find a university opera student, offer them 25bux an hour and you'll be kickin ass and taking names in about 2 months.
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Just practice. I've never taken singing lessons, and I have improved immensely from when I started. Just sing along while you play guitar, and try to pick songs that challange you a little bit.
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Its all about breathing

When singing its all about breathing through the diaphram,do that by breathing in through your nose and exhaling through the mouth

thats everything I know on the subject.
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