Hey guys. I've been playing for some time now (almost 3 years), and at first I was pretty good for the time I had been playing (at least so I thought). Lately, however, I've been stuck. I have John Petrucci's Rock Discipline dvd, and I do those exercises every day, but I still feel I'm missing so much. What should I do to practice further? I'm not very good at all because I had to start all over (recently corrected the way I hold the pick, learned alternate picking, and stopped anchoring), and I can only do about 7 notes per second in the chromatic exercise in the dvd. Should I start practicing more advanced techniques (tapping, sweep picking)? Should I learn some songs so that I also practice rhythm? Should I learn more theory so my improvisation skills are better (they are very dull and boring now)? Please help. Thanks!
A similar discussion is taking place at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=900019&page=1&pp=20 right now...

...it doesn't go too in depth into advanced techniques, as the guy who started it has only been playing a year - but some of the suggestions offered could apply to people of any skill level.

Worth a look, anyway.
Thanks! I used the search bar but didn't really know what to put to look on it :S Yea, I know my basic modes, and the blues and pentatonic and harmonic minor... But there are like a thousand more lol I'll read that discussion right now.
I would suggest learning your major scale, because it is the foundation of all your theory. Move on to more complex things such as intervals, chords, etc. ONLY after you have mastered the major scale. Learning your theory will give you much more inspiration than you may think, and it is a very useful tool to have.

From a technique standpoint, I would say get down alternate picking before you do anything else. A good alternate picking technique will be the foundation of anything else that you want to accomplish on the guitar.

Finally, don't neglect your improvisation and ear training. If I were you, I would completely ditch learning songs through tabs. Work on learning a song stricly by ear, and it will pay off imensely later on.
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Ive been playing about 4 years and I think we all go through dull periods just keep practicing and definatly learn to tap its pretty easy but arppeggios (sweeping) can be really frustrating just try learning some 3 or 4 string sweeps it takes alot of practice. I suggest practing alot of legato. When I learn songs I always learn the rhythm and just jump into the lead and back and fourth so yes practice rhythm too. I am also trying to learn theory which can be a pain in the ass but well worth the trouble. Oh and if you havent already watch the videos on the site some of them are really helpful. Hope this helps.
Awesome, thanks for the suggestions. I already know all the modes of the major scale... and it has payed off a lot (was inspired after watching a Satriani vid where he talked about the modes), but still, a lot of times I just go up and down a scale, and change position and stuff but, I don't know how to do much else. I'll definitely try learning songs by ear. Oh, I also learned alternate picking (had been economy picking my whole life), and it helps a lot. I stumble between strings much less often now.