What other instruments is it possible to play while playing bass? I know if you got a harmonica holder you can do that. And if you need some crazy techniques for any other instruments, write those along with the instrument.
I'm going to play synth soon, which I guess will involve setting something up, then playing over the top of it, or playing bass through it, or stopping and messing with it.
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I was going to say bass drum.

Though I've never tried it, there's an indie-ish band in our area who's bass player plays sitting down with a bass drum in front of him, in addition to the drummer... who has a bass drum.
the voice.

nose flute.

I saw one guy play The Entertainer on piano with his feet, so I guess piano too.
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he use organ footpedals all at the same time

Yeah the moog taurus pedals. They dont make them anymore but you can get similiar things from other brands.

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Jesse Keeler played on a microKorg at the same time as his bass when playing the DFA79 song Do It.

I saw a band last year called Euro's Child where the bassist was also the drummer.
JPJ used to play bass pedals for pretty much anything after Physical Graffiti, since he played so much keyboard.
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The bassist from Wolfmother often will the keyboard with his right hand while he just plays hammer-ons and pull-offs with his left.
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