Ok well two years ago I got a new guitar for Christmas, its used although it was in amazing condition.

Its A peavey generation series QCM33964 with a metallic gold finish

I cant find one like it anywhere, ive looked everywhere and cant find it in the model or paint job or anything.

Not sure about the pickups, and not sure how to check what type of pickups they are. Sounds great though, especially on clean.

Anyways heres some pictures

I would appreciate it greatly if I got some estimates, Thanks =)

It's not going to be very expensive.

A while ago Peavy released the EXP ACM which is similar (and also available in gold) but has a piezo.

Given that you can get this newer model for only a few hundred and that your's is used and two years old I reckon it will go for 150-200$.

Of course this doesn't have to mean anything; it's just a rough estimate and you might get lucky if you decide to sell it.
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I'd hit it! Looks cool.
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I'm not digging the gold at all but I love Tele style guitars and it still looks like a hella fun guitar for modding.

Have fun with it.
Looking at the completed listings on eBay, those guitars sell for about $150. The only exception being one which had piezos which went for $230.

Point is, it's not that valuable of an instrument, and you're a LOT better off just messing around with it than trying to sell it or anything.
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since the Generation Vintage EX is $400 on the peavey website, i think that's something below it.
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