I don't know if anyone will find this interesting, it's just a curiosity I have and a curiosity I'd like to share. Also, C4C (leave link)

If by any chance you’re walking on a Portuguese street, and you pass by a man with tight old jeans with an even older belt, with a half opened shirt protecting his beer belly, and on the other hand, exposing the bush on his torso, where a huge golden crucifix is entangled; and to finish, an over-chewed toothpick coming out of his mouth; congratulations! You just passed by a “tuga”!

NOTE: His alternate costume can be a sleeveless shirt (not sure if this is the English term) and some training pants.

In short words, a “tuga” is a boor. And if you passed him on the street, you didn’t get to see him on his habitat. He was just walking on his path of life: from home to the bar, and it’s on the bar, where his personality is detached. Usually sitting on the esplanade, on the only seat he can get a view to the soccer game, (it doesn’t matter what game is on, as long as there are twenty two monkeys running after a ball, he’s ready to shout his philosophical speech), while devouring his favourite and rich meal: lupins, roasted snails and/or peanuts while drinking beer or mini’s (small beers; usually as a purpose to drink more of them).

When he opens his mouth, his voice sounds like over-brandied and he swears (a lot), and everything you can imagine: cocksucker, cunt, fart, fuck, motherfucker, piss, shit, tits, turd and twat. Every sentence you can imagine contains one (or more) of these words. A “tuga” doesn’t care if he’s polite; he acts as we wishes to, weather there are any women or children around. Damn, he’d probably encourage children to talk as manly as he does. Yeah… a “tuga” is a macho man!

So, are there any “tuga”’s in your country? O.o
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Ha ha we definitely have no terms like that here, but yes, people like that are unfortunately overflowing.

You might want to censor the swearing section just a little bit, I don't know. It adds to the piece, but some people might get all bothered by it.

Your descriptive language was good, but to me, this piece seemed like just a detailed description. That could be all you were going for, I'm not sure if it had some additional meaning to it. Maybe adding a little personal experience to it would enhance it a bit. The last line made me laugh though.
^ I agree you can let us know he's vulgar, without turning the piece that vulgar,
Don't go down to his level you know.

I believe BEAR in the end of the third paragraph should be BEER. If not, you lost me there.

Americans have shirts that are sleevless, two types really. Loose fitting ones are just called Tank Tops. and Skin Tight ones are called Wife Beaters. The skin tight ones are ussually white and meant to be an undergarment. I were them a lot. But a lot of lower class people (such as Mr. Tuga) where them as outerwear. We call them wife beaters, becuase the people who get arrested for beating thier wives on TV (COPS) are always wearing them.

Lastly, I would take out the NOTE: and just add that bit as another sentence, in the first paragraph.