I've got a Peavey XXX head with a Crate Flexwave 120w cab...

Will the cab affect my tone very much?
yes, very much so. i played my mesa through my cheapo crate 4x12, and i really just couldn't stand it.

once you get a decent cab to go with your xxx, you'll probably be amazed at the difference.
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people always underestimate how much of a difference a good cab and speakers make, but the differences can really be night and day.
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On the other hand, i play a 6505 through a Crate GT412 (300w) and so far i have no complains. But i know it is not the best cab for it. It doest its job right now.
Hey Pabli70, how is that GT3500 shockwave? I almost bought that on eBay for $300 a week ago.