I have a squier bullet that i've had for a while and the paint just won't wear down, appernently the newer strats are made of a paint that doesn't wear the same way the old ones did, anyway, I want to make it look heavily used wear your arm touches the body, on both horns, arpund the knobs, and along the back and bottom, I heard you can do this easily with a blowtorch, but I wanted to get some help from people who know what they are doing as I knew somone who tried to vintage his guitar and destroyed it.
a Relic basically..blowtorch? If you want burns...otherwise, if you MUST do this...prepare to get flamed by the way..

EXTREMELY LIGHT sandpaper. maybe a wet grit 600 with some water worn down a little.

Where your arm would be, even on the plastic a little. some steel wool, wood files, you know, the abrasives.

If you want burns, like a cigarette at the headstock, just light up a cig and burn it. I don't smoke by the way, and not telling you to, you'll die.
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I sanded my fender strat about a month ago and I have convinced about 20 people, 5 of them actually being musicians, that is was a '67. I used decently heavy sandpaper, I think it was 60 grit, at first, then once I got off almost all I wanted, I went to 180 grit or something close to that. It seriously took like four hours, but I think it was worth it. It might not be as bad for a squier though because they are cheaper made and the durability is different. I almost completely took off the clear coat on the whole thing, and did on the corners and 'horns' and all that. It changed the sound a little, but in a good way because it sounds more natural.