My friend, google "uTorrent" without the quotes.
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Haven't used limewire in awhile, but try troubleshooting, maybe there's a help button somewhere, or just deleting the program and downloading it again.
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Does anyone else's Limewire take THREE DAYS to connect? If not, what the hell is wrong?

There's your problem.

Seriously, try reinstalling it/checking task manager to see if anything is slowing down your PC. Although it might be that your internet is slow because of bandwith usage or something.
limewire is sooooooo primitive...... go with torrents man

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I'm not on dial-up. And it's not the porn, I don't use Limewire for that. I'll try reinstalling it and if that doesn't work, I'll just get myself uTorrent or something
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Perhaps your computer is terrible.

Too much porn. Don't download, just watch streaming videos. Youporn and Pornotube are LAME, but there are a few "regulars" of mine that are funny. Stupid videos, mostly, but they probably get the job done. The borders are black, like this website, so either this website should become a porn website, or porn websites should become guitar websites.

Aren't they loaded with virus/spyware also?
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get frostwire.

^ Listen to this man/woman/hybrid.
It's based off the same coding and looks the same (to me anyways), but it's 200x better.