It seems like I can never write a song I like. One of my main problems is that I will write something one day and I'll say to myself "this is AWESOME! I can't wait to finish it!" and then the next day I either don't care about it or I hate the song. It is like every time I write a song my standards keep getting higher and higher to the point where I am thinking of just quitting writing all together because I am not happy. Sometimes I will come up with a riff or something and show it to my friends and they say I am a genius but the next day I will think the riff is terrible. Is there a way to solve this? I can't honestly play a song that I do not enjoy but I would have to write a new song every day in order to enjoy playing them.
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Good for you (seriously, its what being a musician is all about.)
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That happened to me at first too. Every time I wrote a riff, I would love it, I'd arrange it into a full song, and then I'd hate the way it sounded afterwards, even though other people seem to like it. I've found that if I keep playing the songs they begin to grow on me...
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Record everything you make and save it. Seriously, this is a good thing that you want to push yourself harder and harder.
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one thing I've come to realize is that just because your own personal understanding and standards of music are always improving, it doesn't mean your audience is improving as well. I'll write a song that I think is unbelievable and I will be so excited to show somebody. A month passes and I find myself not so enthusiastic about the song anymore. You have to realize that the audience youre playing for on day one is the exact same audience youre playing for a month or year later. Only yourself and your belief in the song has changed. And once you've lost belief in a song, its hard to get it back, so don't always second guess yourself.
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mofly is right, dont second guess yourself.
half of the stuff i write seems crappy (either at first or later on), but your tastes will change and you will find yourself appreciating all of your riffs at different times. so keep everything like it is, even if you dont like it at the moment
I'm really the same way, TS. I always write a riff that sounds absolutely amazing and professional. Then, the next day, while listening to my music on iTunes, something catches my ear. Damnit, that riff I wrote sounds exactly like the one in this song!

Oh, well, I guess that's how it's supposed to be.