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My Grandpa Was a Bartender for Wild Bill

Maybe I expected too much,
A family, A home, An Alcoholic to boot.
The paper says theres a meeting downtown
for people like me;
I can imagine how fun that room would be.
I should go,
I would go,
if it was within walking distance,
because then I wouldn't
have to get in my truck and hear
my blow-up girlfriends God awful elton john cd.
All that does is make me want to fight,
and fighting makes me want to ****,
which just gets me tired.
Leaving that moving target frozen,
And easy to hit with a "lazy" dart.
My Father likes to throw those.


I'd been found in a flood once before,
but I came out herringbone dry.
With a flatter line than the Arctic horizon,
and a deeper soul than the faultline dividing,
I had felt like I could walk amongst
the sea snails forever.

Then Summer came as an infernal wave,
tipping and toe-ing and taking it's time,
blowing it's whistle to speed things along.
Spreading kisses like dried cement,
and too self-righteous for it's own good.

It lifted me out of my algal residency,
where salt and salty sentiments
were what I brought into my lungs.
Where longitude and latitude
were the only blueprints that I needed
to build castles out of sand bars
and not-so-hidden treasure.

Until finally I choked. And since then
every Summer has made me wish
that maybe my hindsight wasn't 20/20.

I made all this up. Tee-hee. Teehee.

Three days ago
A girl rode in the elevator with me,
Her name was Megan.
She had just got back from playing
At Carnagie hall.
She was a prodigy,
I could see the magic in her hands.
I looked at her face.

I blinked, I wrung my hands together,
And all I wanted to shake her young veins
Until love poured out of her like a stream of blood,
And all I wanted was to slip my hand through her hair,
And whisper, and call her my beautiful
New York Angel. And
All I wanted was to touch her so softly that she’d start crying.
And all I wanted to do was say a thousand things
All at once, that would make her smile, get rid of the
dark rings under her eyes, straighten her hair,
and unbutton that red vest that was constricting her lungs.
I closed my eyes.

Time passed like a stream of blood,
She kissed my cheek
With such a terrifying desperation.
My eyes locked open.
She whispered something drunk in my ear
And her lips slipped on her way to my lips. And she started crying.
And she held me right there in between the elevator and something else,
Keeping me safe,
From the thought we were both so suddenly okay with.

Cheated by his own poison.

Wine cooler is shattered on the floor.
I’m lying on the sofa,
my feet, legs and arms
are sprawled in every possible direction.
We’re a vestige of a bad dinner party.

There’s a beautiful woman on the floor,
I hope she’s not unconscious.
There’s a beautiful woman in my head,
I hope she’s not too lonely.

I can’t sit up so I’ll idle in watching the chandelier.
It’s modern, not even a proper one.
A few adjustable metal poles and light bulbs
stuck onto the end of each, bent into an arachnid shape.

She walks over.
I think there are too many bottles on the table.
My body knows there are too many bottles on the table.
Seventeen glasses on the floor.

It's a shame I'm dead tonight.
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^Yeah I know. I was half asleep when I put them up so it seemed a lot more complicated then it should have. But yeah, it was definitely all me haha.