Today I just got my results from RCM and I did pretty badly, I got a 66. I took the one for 4th level practical guitar. Last time I took one it was for level 2 and I got an 82, which is still pretty bad considering I was more than prepared for it.

When I get in there I was pretty cool, I was ready. However, right before, I got really freaked and when I got in there I was shaking and just blanked. I had to play with the sheet music and could not do any of the ear related parts. I don't get nervous when I play around people anymore, I've gotten over than fear long ago, and now play comfortably on stage or in front of unfamiliar people.

Is there anything I can do to get over this? Are there any other people who do RCM exams that have some advice, similar experiences?
this is why i have trouble learning theory, the exams freak me out, turned me off lessons

i prefer the internet

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Quote by deafening
this is why i have trouble learning theory, the exams freak me out, turned me off lessons

i prefer the internet

It's a practical exam, meaning playing. Playing songs, studies, and scales. Then doing sight reading, melody playbacks, that kind of thing. No theory is involved, those are seperate.
Hey, not done an "RCM" exam as you put it, but gone through all the guitar grades on a different exam board. It sounds like your having trouble with playing under pressure, so it's not just related to the exam board your taking.
My advice would be to try playing under pressure as MUCH as possible before your next exam. Some different ways to do this, which I always use would be
-When your playing at home, get a jar of buttons (or some kind of object, whatever) line the 6 buttons up on your music stand. Now, play the piece (or a particular phrase that has been troubling you) the whole way through, if you manage to play it with no mistakes, put a button in the jar. THEN play the piece through a second time, if you play it through with no mistakes again, put another button in the jar. The thing that puts the pressure on, and makes the "game" so fustrating is that if you make any mistakes you have to empty the jar and start all over again, so when your on your last button you will find yourself feeling pretty stressed! Which is near exam conditions, even if it's only you judgeing.
-Write out all your scales on to little note cards, give them to friends and relatives and get them to test you on them. I don't know if you live at home, but asking your parents to occasionaly jump in on your practice sessions and suprise test you would be really useful.
-Most important, play in front of people as much as possible; I mean, mini concerts in your home for friends/relatives/visting family friends whatever, you may feel stupid but it will help

Hope thats useful!