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At mornings, going past
the same eroded homeless man that
disagrees with this idea
of him; he has a bin to keep
his clothes in, and he fumbles
when by his bench, on the corner of the square,
there are students, or some other
section of society, demonstrating
over this or that.
And I’m passing by, on the way
to higher education, higher population;

And I drink out with my friends, listen
when they say, “You see too much.”
I laugh and then I stop. I say:
“Sometimes I wish I was
more blind.”
I wouldn’t mind not seeing
the homeless man,
crying for his clothes, after
the sanitation people came and took away
everything he owned,
when he was driven away,
away from his home,
by student asking for
better human rights.


You've never worn those leather clothes
that i'd made for you.
Till this day it's been referred to as "calumniated" and "clareted";
you dare call me putrescible.
Now you look away
now that you know that I'm neither a Negro nor
a white man.

Tannery flesh laced to your boots and bags;
scoured from my soul.
Remove that tattoo of Hendrix in a suede shoe
and preserve it in lye and cerebral tears.
Cover yourself well,
my dear;
from that secret place that no one dares to go.


It seems she's
forgotten that
Chicago is a hazy city.
Subtle spine shivers
bring her back to
that reality.
Another back alley.
Another back alley.
Another breath I
stifle and bury.
Moments moving
with pace,
hearts beating
with haste
Our eyes shift
and shift and

I've been stumbled upon,

or perhaps this is
a rendezvous.
I offer my jacket,
she's quick to reject it,
so we both walk
with our chills and
matching goosebumps,
laidback, the handsome
couple we could only
wish to be.

We arrive at her gate.
I hear the wind and
her whispering.
She says that
cancer is like sex
on a bed of pins
and needles.

The Sunburnt Penguin

Stop. Wait.
I'm about to birth another miracle.
World Peace?
I say nay, what fun would that be?
Instead, look to the sky,
tap your foot and twidle your thumbs until
I descend; cumulus style.
I'll cure cancer with AIDS,
rid the world of obesity with heart attacks,
and stop global warming with an ice age.
you'll comprehend what I've already learned:
sometimes to stop rape,
you have to offer a new orifice.