Hey I am attempting to play Roll into you by Five Times August, it is in a crazy tuning
wondering if anybody knows what tuning
I know he plays capo on the second fret
but i just want a tuning
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If you still have interest, you might try this site -- www.sunstudio.com/rockshop/details.php?prodId=247 -- and buy the DVD of the etv show Sun Studio Sessions for $10. There are a bunch of close ups of the guy's fingers on the frets, so you could easily sit down with your guitar and figure it out his favorite tuning(s). I would have done it for you but I just heard of Five Times August about 30 minutes ago and I don't know their music. I was watchinng the show on TV and just happened upon your post; a coincidence that would have been better if it happened 3 years ago!! Good luck, if you still need it.