me and my family are going to the metal masters tour mainly to see priest, but i got the testament album because ive never heard them before and i was listening to them with my mom so she could hear testament for the first time, specifically the song"formation of damnation". just a few mins ago my mom came in and was like "so whats up with you into all this death rock all of the sudden" inside i started cracking up. shed apparently never heard when i listen to metal before(also she thought "the dark eternal night" by dream theater was death "rock" because of the voice effect earlier today i had it playing). i was like whats wrong with it? she just paused and i was like "huh?" it took her a while to say nothin its just like *makes rawring noise*. i said whats wrong with that? she said " i guess... nothin just not my taste" i just thought it was kinda funny.

does anyone else listen to metal and parents/family doesnt know?
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haha yeah my parents are completely oblivious to it it was funny today my dad goes to me HEY I DONT LIKE THAT SHIRT YOUR WEARING cuzz on the back of it says FOLLOW ME OR DIE (its an Anthrax shirt) and i go i've been wearing this shirt for almost four months now... and he goes why would you wear something like that and i go its one of my favorite bands and hes like what kind of music you listen to boy ahh funny stuff
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Most of my relatives don't understand the difference between rock and metal. Their a pretty funny bunch and wouldn't understand it even if i explained. My parents understand the difference. My mom has a brief grasp on my music from hearing it from my room so much and such and hearing me play guitar, But my dad actually knows allot about music and i go to jazz concerts with him time from time. He doesn't like metal that much but he does understand that it's not just top 40 garbage.
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