I'm thinking about getting a guitar and I'm not sure which...I like to play alternative rock like the band Muse. So which guitar is better, an Epiphone Les Paul Special II or the Epiphone SG Special. Or a completely different guitar but in the same price range(price under 200)? I need your help PEOPLE!
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go with the epiphone sg ive been using it for over two years now since ive started playing and it is excellent
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Go for an Agile Al-2000 its way better than those 2.
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At that price, Agile would be much better than those epiphones
here's the Agile website www.rondomusic.com
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try to get a different one. i would go for one with a solid wood body. i have an sg special and its nothing great. i dont know much about anything else in that price range so i cant really help ya there. my brother has a squier affinity fat strat and it actually plays really well. i also know dean has or used to have some decent guitars in that range that are made of paulonia(or something close to that) wood.
Agile AL-2000 or above will kick the ass of any Epi. Seriously. And you will probably pay less.

Don't pay for the name, pay for the guitar. With Agile, you get great quality and they're damned good replicas too.
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