Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone knows what resistance a new speaker for my VK should be.

On a side note, if the required resistance was, say, 16 and I wanted to put a lower resistance speaker in it (8, 4, whatever), could I just hook up a resistor in series with the speaker to bring it up to the required amount? Before you all start yelling "DON'T DO THAT", calm down, I'm not planning on doing that, I was wondering if it would work.

Yeah, the ohms - which are a measure of electrical resistance.
16 ohms. So, does a new speaker have to be the same, or could it handle a lower or higher resistance?
you always want to be equal or higher ( i think)
but on the back of you amp do you have a switch to change what rating it's at?
Well then...I am perplexed. I'll guess I'll stick with 16 to be safe.
yeah, i'm looking at owners manual and my amp and there is no such option on the 112.

you could find a 'quieter' speaker at 16ohms i suppose if that is what you are trying to do. Then crank the Texture to A/B and use the second input jack.

also maybe try over in the Only Valveking thread as I'm still rather new to mine.
I wasn't trying to find a quieter speaker, just wondering what my options were for a replacement. I don't want to find an 8ohm speaker that I like if it turns out that I can't put it in my amp.
the ohms of a guitar amp and speaker refer to the impedance not resistance

the impedance is a combination of the electrical resistance and the electrical reactance of the component

plus there in no reason to change the impedance just get a new 16 ohm speaker, dont risk anything else