Heres my issue..

I have a Jackson DK2 With a floyd Rose, and on the G-string everytime I play on the higher frets, the notes start.. fluttering or sounding weaker... Its hard to explain, they start to break up as I hit the notes... Not exactly buzz though...

I've tried changing the saddle, did not work, changing action higher and lower, nothing!
I changed the strings, still had the prob, then changed them to a higher gauge and still have the problem...

Any help?
Sorta... I do think sustain is affected, but not that much.
As soon as I hit a note, it wont stay solid, you can obviously hear it too...
Kinda like a tremolo pedals affect, but alot fainter and faster.

I suspect the frets to be the problem, or something with the neck...
Yup... I tested with trem locked/unlocked, blocked and unblocked as well...
I currently have the trem blocked..
Its harder too tell, But I think so...

Upon further investigation, most of the frets are affects on the G string...
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i get that sound on the 11th fret on the G-string, the 7th fret on the B-string and the 2nd fret on the high E(the same F#)
it is the reptilians!!

on a more serious note, maybe there is a dead spot in the guitar as in one that the wood doesnt resonate very well.
Hmmmm... alot of iffys, Eh

Is there any thing I could try that would atleast lead to the a solution?
i have the same problem, some notes on the higher frets G string dont have the same sustain that other notes have

(tremolo is blocked)
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Seems to be a trend with jacksons...
I still love em...

I have two jackson guitars, both 24 frets, should I try swapping necks to see if its the neck or bridge?
probably a flat spot on one of your frets.

have a look at the frets and see if any of them have chunks missing lol

if that doesnt help
take it to a guitar tech