So basically i ordered a mxr carbon copy from my local guitar shop ( i live in Canada) on may 9th and they said it should be in end of may, they also mentioned four other people are down for getting one.

It is now July 2nd, I talked to a guy there and he says he has no clue and its weird they haven't gotten them in yet.

He said he is going to investigate it and call me.

I couldn't figure out anything using google, so here i am.

So UG do you have any underground info on this?

And has this happened to your before, ordered something and it take utterly forever to come?
I saw one today in GC. They didn't have any problems getting them. Then again, it's GC.
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Yeah I ordered it from a big box chain like GC but Canada's version called L AND M.
It's a brand new product. I'd guess that either production isn't keeping up, or they came across a bug that needs fixing.
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