sounds pretty good, dude. you should check out my band, we seem to be kind of in your taste. www.myspace.com/oblivionrisingmetal . if you want to check tabs out for one of ours songs, check this out. http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/m/misc_unsigned_bands/valor_-_grafitti_in_the_sky_guitar_pro.htm#comments
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in the start riff, i dont really like the power chord notes, but i love the notes on the d string on the 2nd part of the riff if that makes sense. i dont like how ti goes faster . all the way up to bar thirty three, most of the riffs sound too similar. i like the breakdown and use of tom s in 33-34. but again you hover on this riff style for too long. outro was probably my fav riff even though its so simple. the riffs and song were good, but they were kinda boring and repeatative.

c4c? top one in sig.
Also, only post two songs a week (You have already broken that limit) and umm c4c means that sine they gave a critique on one of your songs you need to do the same to him. And he is telling you the top one in his sig (signature), which would be the posthardcore/screamo one. Also, please rate it on how good you think it is for a song of that genre, not like how much you actually like it.

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