I like the style that the Schecter C-1 has, and I'm trying to see what other companies make a guitar that has that style. ESP has an H that looks good too. What other companies make these style guitars, and which ones are good? I'd like that to be a good secondary guitar. Thanks.
Are you basing the purchase of your next guitar solely on if it has a quilt top or are there other criteria you want met?

A budget and some info on your current gear would be helpful as well...
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sweet xj in your avatar, I have a 92 with a 5.5" Rubicon Express
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anyway, I am not a big fan of that particular ESP, but that is just personal preference. I would go the your local guitar shop and just try a few out until you find one that suits your needs
Thanks hammond, the XJ is a '98 with a 3.5" RE full pack system, coil spacers, Rusty's adj. trackbar, bunch of other junk. I plan on putting a shackle on the rear and putting some 33s on. It pretty much lifted it about 4.5" after sagging. It's my third lift so I know it should hold up this time.
I'm just looking for the style that the Schecters have. Usually I can't find any around but they look pretty good. I'd like to find something midgrade, set-neck or neck-thru, preferrably mahogany body, don't care about the finish, would $400 cover a used one? As I've said, I just want to figure out what companies make these style guitars.
Ok well I tried out a few guitars at GC. Some Ibanez RGs (the cheaper and midgrade ones) as well as the Schecters. Obviously GC didn't have any ESPs. I must say, I'm more than impressed with the Schecters. Man I loved the way they felt. I played I believe a C-1 Plus. It was the set neck, dark red color. I wanted it real bad. I don't think I've found any guitar that comes close to that. I liked the Ibanez RGs and the Jacksons but they didn't have the right feel I wanted. The feel of the neck is probably one of the most important things I look for in a guitar.