i know you can do it manually by just turning the volume knob as you pick the note but i know there is an effect too. i dont know if its just an envelope filter or something more but maybe someone can help me out because id really like to know what it is, thanks!
You could just use a volume pedal, (pick the note at no volume, then press the rocker down to swell).
Adding a little bit of delay to volume swells really gives a great sounds.
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volume pedal
or slow gear effect (i think Boss makes em)
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On Metallica's DVD Cunning Stunts, there is a bass/guitar duet that starts off with My Friend of Misery about halfway through the first disc

You might be able to YouTube it, but it shows Kirk really getting into the volume pedal. Personally I would just do it with the volume knob, they're kinda clunky and big, plus they would take up valuable space on a pedalboard.
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I do them all the time with my volume knob, I usually just hammer the note without picking it, and just keep my hand on the volume knob the whole time. It started as a way to be able to swell faster, but it's also drastically improved my legato.

Also, they sound awesome if you add delay to them.


Envelope volume swell. Boss used to make an SG-1 Slow Gear. Now BYOC makes a clone of it called a Lazy Sprocket. There are some clips of it on Youtube.
Why not just hammer on and use the volume knob? If I can do it, anyone can!
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