Question for the tone gurus:

I'm trying to get the ideal "quacky" sound out of my HSS Strat and Cube 30x. This rendition of CCR's Suzie Q is a perfect example of the quacky tone I'm looking for.

So far, I've been able to get pretty close with just the neck single coil, amp set to lead channel, Black Panel model, EQ and gain set about midway. But it's still not quite quacky enough.

Any ideas on how to best get this tone? I know quacking is one thing Stratocasters are supposed to be good at.

BTW, this is most fun riff for a noob to learn.
Use the middle pickup and turn up the mids?

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Use the middle pickup and turn up the mids?

Well I'll be damned. The middle pup is quackier. How did I not notice this? I'm a dumbass, that's how.

Henseforth, the middle pickup shall heretofor be known as The Quacky One. So let it be written, so let it be done.

The more I play this guitar, the more I love it. I'm overwhelmed with all the different tones it can make, and I'm just barely scratching the surface at this point.

Thanks dude.
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