idk wat i call it but you know... its just a run... oh and "h" means hammer-on the "9" on d... (standard tuning)
1. Make sure it's in key, because it sounds very funny.
2. The tab is botched up.
3. Be sure to indicate timing next time.
It's going to be a fine night, tonight.
Yeah, timing would be really helpful. A tempo and note values. Also when you're posting text tab like that put the code tags around it so it lines up. Also, you've written the tab upside down. It should be

As for it being in key, it is as far as I can tell. Looks to me like the key of A Minor.
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A Minor starting from the open A would ascend like this...

A, B, C, D, E, F, G (No sharps or flats)

He has an F# (9th fret, A string) in the bassline.

It isn't in key.
It's going to be a fine night, tonight.
Ah, you didn't notice what I did. He's written the tab upside down. Have a look at the one I rewrote.

However he could have that and just be using Pitch Axis Theory and going from A Minor to A Major.
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